Hands agencja reklamowa

for brands

Advertising agency to strengthen the brand

Our work is driven by the lovemarks idea, according to which Clients get used to chosen and desirable brands. We distinguish brands from the competition by preparing marketing strategies and taking care of communication between those strategies and the recipients. Our Hands advertising group offer includes the following:
  • communication strategies
  • corporate identity (including logo design, branding, image change)
  • advertising campaigns (image; image and sale)
  • online campaigns (including www design)
  • 360 degree communication
  • B2B and B2C communication.
We understand that every creative agency which consequently strengthens brand awareness, effectively helps Clients achieve a real market success. Our marketing agency not only accurately defines image and sale goals, but also cares about coherent and well-developed creation. We support the development of brand identification  systems and advertising campaigns with messages selected specifically for the recipients. The aim of such image development is primarily to increase brand awareness among Clients, which enables to identify products and services and evoke positive associations and attachment. Only those advertising agencies which care about every element of their Clients' branding can claim that the message is effective.

for retail

Marketing agency for increased sales

80% purchasing decisions are made in a sales outlet, which is a perfect advertising space. A well-designed chain, in terms of marketing, generates higher profit. Our Hands for Retail department does the following:
  • store designing and remodelling
  • store chain arrangement
  • visual merchandising
  • advertising activities for chains
  • sales special offers
  • non-standard POSM 3D
  • non-standard advertising racks
  • arrangement of fair and conference space.
We are aware of the importance of sales concept, distinctive interior design and store chain arrangement. Investments such as changing furniture to ergonomic types, unusual advertising racks or impact special offers as well as visible marketing activities inside stores provide long-term support for the entire chain. We develop all our marketing solutions so that they bring profit to the chain and ensure satisfied Clients' loyalty. Designing and remodelling of stores is the experience which we also use for extraordinary activities in  conference and fair areas.

for events

Event agency for all event types

Strategy and original concept of an  event. Scenario tailored to the recipients and dynamic acting. Organisational acumen and sense of taste. Uncommon flexibility and great event experience. We understand that all those elements have an impact on the positive perception of an event. Within the scope of Hands for Events activity, we organise the following:
  • concepts, scenarios and execution of events
  • conferences and banquets
  • employee integration events and incentive trips
  • special events
  • sporting events
  • fairs and exhibitions.
We have many years of experience in organising company meetings, business events and trade fairs. With our attentiveness to detail and ability to prepare successful event surprises, our events always end with success.
LUG – image video
INEA STADIUM – new image
SPONTEX – spring campaign
BEAUTY STORE – concept shop
Millenium Bank – identification
MTP Poznań – COP 14
SCHATTDECOR – 20th anniversary and launching of the investment
KRONOPOL – 20th Anniversary and Platinium Flooring Show
EUROCASH – conference
H. CEGIELSKI / Intercity – conference and banquet
NORDENIA / Mondi – integration


HANDS advertising group

ul. Komornicka 27, 60 -101 Poznań phone: 61 661 50 80, e-mail: hands@hands.pl BRANDS: Magdalena Rohde: 660 477 620 e-mail: magda.rohde@hands.pl RETAIL: Tomasz Lurka: 660 477 614 e-mail: tomasz.lurka@hands.pl EVENTS: Magdalena Rychlik: 668 007 237 e-mail: magdalena.rychlik@hands.pl Hard&Smart Sp. z o.o. ul.Komornicka 27, 60-101 Poznań tel. (+48) 61 661 50 80 NIP 778-13-95-987 Aramaz Agencja BTL Sp. z o.o. ul. Komornicka 27, 60-101 Poznań tel. (+48) 61 661 50 80 NIP 783-15-83-870


Currently we are not looking for people to work in our teams. However, if you think you can support us with your skills or want to start working in the advertising industry, please send your resume, cover letter, and/or portfolio on job@hands.pl Maybe a job offer or paid internship will be soon offered just to you.
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